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Above all, want to take the customer as the center to development, innovation, production products. Sykes is to provide production services to meet customer demand, the development and innovation of its products is based on customer requirements and development trend as the guidance, sykes is really set up the first sign of market marketing idea.

Second, take the customer as the center to improve sales service mode. Sykes by providing high quality, efficient, accurate, fast and personalized, the characteristics of personal service, make customer satisfaction, and actively cultivate "customer loyalty" and "golden client", thus to establish a long-term and stable customer network.

Sykes to achieve the transformation of "take the customer as the center", we must put the marketing strategy into its overall development strategy. Set up scientific and effective marketing strategy should grasp the following three points:

One is the target market selection. Sykes target market should be selected, on the one hand, have a large enough market capacity and can fast growth; On the other hand, should be sykes has a comparative advantage market, can give full play to the sykes core competitive ability, and to strengthen the competition advantage.

Second, the product positioning. Product positioning based on target market selection, from the perspective of the development of sykes should focus on developing high technology content, high value-added products.

Three is the marketing combination. Sykes, make scientific planning, the integrated use of a variety of sales way, realize the exchange of product value, brand image for sykes