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. people-oriented has become the consensus of today's corporate world, the development and management of human resources, as a new course, its advanced idea, method and technology, will become the contemporary Chinese business operators and managers should pay attention to and research problems. Only on enterprise human resources development and innovation, the enterprise can realize modernization and scientific management.

. the so-called human resources, is the enterprise to carry on the production, to provide services, promote enterprise economic development of the ability of general workers. "Development" refers to the enterprise human resources fully excavated, the reasonable use and the cultivation and development of human resources.

Employment policy

.Company to carry on employment, employee, employment principle is the moral character, knowledge, ability, health and personality as the foundation, seek has the best quality and can get along well with colleagues, superiors, can effectively the personnel to complete various tasks for the formal employees. The company will provide every employee a play ability work environment, to make every employee to realize their important role in the company. Employees do their best to service for the company, to cultivate a sense of participation in company's success.

Principles of employment

.Company, hope you to establish the service tenet of "user as the center", take full advantage of your knowledge and ability, earnestly perform their duties, hard work, speak civilization, polite. We have ambitious goals, we need your best for the company, so that we can provide users with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, to improve economic benefit.